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GAIN (Global African Integration Network) Diaspora 

An umbrella organisation for African communities in Nottingham/Nottinghamshire

Who we are

GAIN Diaspora is a membership organisation for African led and African focused organisations in Nottinghamshire. As a membership group, we aim to bring African groups - businesses, community based organisations, religious organisations, professional bodies and individuals [professionals, refugees, asylum seekers, students etc] living in Nottinghamshire together to promote interaction and collaboration in our shared interests. GAIN aims to promote growth, cohesion, resilience and sustenance amongst and between African groups. This can only be achieved by the identification of the needs of African communities in Nottingham to ensure that specific solutions tailored to the needs of the people are provided. African groups will be given the support they require to survive and be effective to their members. There are a good number of disengaged African groups in Nottingham that are not functional; having a body that supports them in manpower and finances will ensure that the groups are sustainable and can cater to the needs of their members.

Membership Benefits

GAIN's membership is for organizations and costs £60 a year. We are made up of businesses that will provide specific services in the areas of media training (Mojatu Foundation and Magazines), radio training (Insite Radio), security advice, signposting and training (JSS security) and housing advice and signposting (East Midlands Housing). Organizations will benefit from other services like access to our interactive map, directory, skills training, business matching, organised events and funding, to name a few. Additionally we will act as a representative platform for support for African Communities in Nottingham on a regional level. 

Groups and individuals can be part of the GAIN network and receive a monthly newletter even if they do not pay membership fees. However, the above benefits apply to only groups that pay the membership fees. 

We would love you to join us, please register below.

African Organisations in Nottingham Registration form


To provide the right solutions and benefits to African communities and avoid one size fits all approaches, a skills and needs audit is required. In July 2016, a pilot study was carried out in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University and revealed a gap for the service GAIN aims to provide. The research revealed that Africans in Nottingham are disengaged and unable to find the right support they need to live rewarding lives in the UK. It also recognized the lack of research amongst the African population in Nottingham, emphasizing the necessity for GAIN to act as an information hub that will provide required services.  As a result, GAIN is undertaking rigorous research of African communities. We are conducting an extensive community based participatory research that will include a mapping exercise to determine where African people and organisations are based in the city; to identify their main problems / issues / needs / concerns. This research process will include personal and group questionnaires, interviews and focus groups. 

We will appreciate your response for our individual and group questionnaires below

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